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About us

Hi, we are a new Irish toy company that design and make robot shaped soft toys. Our soft toys are designed for traditional playtime and bedtime. As lovers of technology, we give it the nickname  ‘OFF line’ playtime.  At teddybots, we want to develop both ‘Online’ and ‘Off Line’ educational and play environments for young people.

Teddybots registered trade mark

Our concept

“Make more toys and build educational games for online playtime”

We want to create a world of stories through digital content that will be a fun and educational ‘On Line’ space where young children can be creative and explore digital technology.  It is our goal to deliver a companion ‘App’ that provides parents with educational content for that hour a day when children want to explore digital devices.


A Big thanks

After launching our 1st toy in December 2016 we were delighted to receive such positive feedback. We would like to thank all of our early adopter’s for supporting us at this young stage. We would ask that you bear with us over the following months while we work to deliver a wider selection of content for you to enjoy.

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Next steps

The Astronaut and the Robot

We are working hard towards developing our first interactive story about ‘The Astronaut and the Robot’. We are in the early stages but we hope to have the first chapter available later this year. The story will follow our robot and friends as they travel through space and learn about arts, science, and nature.

More things …

You can check out blog content below and keep up to date on events and promotions.

Competition Winners

Coder Dojo & Coolest Projects. Demonstrating the Google Tilt Brush. The Event. What a day. It was much busier than we expected but that was ok. We still had lots of fun demonstrating the Google Tilt Brush. It was great to see so many people reacting to drawing in...
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Painting in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality 3d painting. Coder dojo Coolest Projects, the Google Tilt brush, and Virtual Reality painting.... Delighted to be working at the Coolest Projects event in the RDS tomorrow. Teddybots will be working with Dublin City Council at the Coder Dojo workshop....
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Teddybots and the next stage

Graduating companies from the New Frontiers programme at LINC are not short on ambition. Twelve entrepreneurs from phase two of Enterprise Ireland’s New Frontiers Programme at the Learning and Innovation Centre (LINC), based at the Institute of Technology...
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Bots and the Bubble Universe

Bots and the Bubble Universe! We are delighted to say that we have started some character design and first drafts of our 'Bots and the Big Bubble Universe' story. We hope to have lots of fun and engaging tales for your children to enjoy. Our first story in the series...
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Teddybots available

Delighted that Stock Design have some Teddybtots  in their product range. The shop is located in Dublin City Centre beside St Stephens Green Shopping Center. The staff are really friendly and would love to help if you're in looking for one of our bots. You can find...
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Colour in

Looking for something to do ? How about coloring in our astronaut and robot picture ! Just simply save, print and hang the finished image on your wall. What colors will you use? Lots more to choose...
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Interesting things 002: Science

SCIENCE OMG! Space by Margot Trudell The distance from the sun to all the planets  as represented by pixels . Graphic by  Margot Trudell, she says... 'So if the Sun is 1,391,000 kilometers in diameter, then 1,391,000 divided by 647 equals 2149.92, and if I convert...
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Designist now stocking Bots!

Irish design shop Designist are now stocking adopabots. designist sell Irish design, cool unusual gifts for weddings, Christmas & birthday presents, home & kitchen ware, stationery, prints, cards, lighting & books.  We love this shop so we are delighted to...
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Teddybots and the Irish Times

Artist breathes life into interactive teddy bears Teddybots are new soft toys with online identities designed to spark imaginations We are delighted to have Olive Keogh from The Irish Times write about our toy and present our story to the world. We are passionate and...
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Teddybot sand art

To celebrate the launch of Teddybots, its creator Shane Sutton joined forces with Sand Artist Sean Corcoran (The Art Hand) to create a 200 foot version of the new soft toy 'as seen on The Late Late Toy Show' Shane is a well respected artist who creates painting and...
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In the shops

We owe a big thanks to the retailers and shop owners who are stocking our toys. Thanks for helping us get to the next stages of our business and we are looking forward to presenting innovative and educational creative experiences for you soon.

Designist remarkable gifts
Cogs the brian
Stock Design Kinks street
B Cool gadget store

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