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Adoptabot from teddybots



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Adobtabot from teddybots


Robot shaped soft toys!


 About Teddybots

We are a new Irish Start Up and we make robot shaped soft toys.

We also love tech and it’s our ambition to create an online Teddybots world that will be full of interactive puzzles, stories and games. Our content will be designed for young people to develop cognitive skills and problem-solving on an interactive platform of STEAM content in a story and games environment.

We want to deliver our digital content through an online platform that offers parents a safe learning environment for young children that are starting to use phones or tablet devices.

Safety first

Today the privacy of young people and digitally infused toys has become a concern. There have been a number of cases where children’s and parents personal information has been compromised. For example in Germany, they have banned certain toys labelling them as listening devices.

We take this privacy seriously and our robot soft toys do not contain technology. Our toys simply embrace technology and are designed for playtime and bedtime.


Soft toy robots

80% of children under 7 are using technology

We know parents are hesitant to allow younger children use Apps, but we also know that more and more children under 7 are engaging with phones, tablets, and smart televisions.

As we develop our company we want to provide a safe, fun and educational content where parents can monitor their children’s online activity. Our content will be designed to interact with young people and help them to develop an understanding of technology through a multiverse of stories and puzzles while they play.

A bit about the background

Our toys are designed by Irish oil painter, street artist, and sometimes film maker, Shane Sutton. Shane has both traditional and digital creative skills having worked with illustration, graphics, motion design, film editing, photography and directing. He is a keen creative technology enthusiast with a  variety of software and hardware skills.

For a number of years, he worked as an artist facilitator with the BASE in Ballyfermot, The Young Advocates Program (Y.A.P Ireland) and the Ombudsman for Children’s Office promoting childrens rights and welfare in Dublin City. Here he designed a number of creative workshops for young people to engage in creative technology and traditional arts.

He has won a number of international awards as Co Director on the Documentary Film ‘Fight or Flight’. and was also nominated for Best Editing at the Irish Film and Television Awards.


Bot and the Astronaut

Follow Bot and the astronaut as they travel through the stars and explore new worlds, on a journey of discovery through a bubble universe of particles, threads, strings, quarks, and quirks.