Virtual Reality painting demonstration

26 October at 19:30–22:00 Join us for a live Virtual Reality painting demonstration by Teddybots creator and artist, Shane Sutton. Shane will be painting using the Google Tilt brush and that will be followed by a discussion on how tools like Tilt Brush might be used...
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Free creative software

Software for painting, illustration, and 3d design   Free creative software where you can learn to draw, make graphics or animate characters in Blender 3D. Make your own story.  Download for free and make your ideas come to life. Learning new software can be tricky...
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5 Drawing Apps or free

Here are 5 great creative sketchbook apps that you use on your mobile phone, ipad or Android tablet. These apps are a great way to explore digital drawing and sketching.  The perfect tools for lots of different digital pens, brushes, and erasers and allow you to make...
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5 Games where you can learn to code.

Learn to code while you play   Here are 5 great games that you can play online. These games are designed to help you learn how to code through a selection of stories and puzzles. 3. Code monkey   A nicely illustrated game, CodeMonkey lets you write code. Catch...
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Total Solar Eclipse August 21st 2017

Total Solar Eclipse. If you are in the United States on August 21st then you might be lucky to be in the path of the moon's shadow as it eclipses the Sun. Most of North of America will be treated to a partial eclipse and only a few who are in the 70 miles (113 km)...
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