We wanted to offer something unique with our toys so we have included an Adopt-A-Bot process. Adopting will simply give you access to a world of stories, games and puzzles delivered on an interactive platform via The Teddybots Companion App. We want this app to be a gateway for young people to explore creative technology in a fun and educational environment.

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Your personal information is important to us and it will never be passed on to a 3rd party. Parents are considered guardians of the accounts. Teddybots soft toys do not contain technology. The Teddybots companion app serves as a storytelling environment and does not control or interact with the toy.  For more information please feel free to contact us. 

Adopting will give you access to a world of Teddybots stories puzzles and games designed to develop cognitive skills, creative thinking and problem-solving.


'On' and 'Off' Playtime suggestions

Print and colour in


Make and do

'Build A Bot !

Build your bot

 Make unique robot sound

Save, print, Colour

Bots and the Bubble Universe

Digital Swipe books

 Narrated stories

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Screen Time Recommendations

Screens are a part of family life and when used in moderation with parental support, they can offer positive benefits, like:
Enhancing learning experiences
Facilitating social interaction
Improving motor skills, coordination, numeracy and literacy

Age 0 - 3

age 3

  • Content is age-appropriate
  • Limited screen-time
  • Parents are involved and help children make the connection between what they see on the screen and the real world
Age 3 -4

Age 3-4

  • 30 minutes screen-time or 1 hour educational play
  • Cognitive skill development such as learning to focus attention, facilitating memory and thinking/problem-solving
  • Parents co-view/ co-play with children
Age 5-6

Age 5 - 6

  • 1 hour screen-time or 1.5 hour educational play
  • Build on cognitive skills such as focusing attention, facilitating memory and thinking/problem-solving
  • Solo play with parents co-viewing/ co-playing occasionally
Age 5-6

Age 7 Plus

  • 1.5 hour or 2 hours educational
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Use processing and creative skills using technology
  • Solo play with parents interacting occasionally
Age 5-6

Age 10 plus

  • 2 hours plus
  • Further developing critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Using math and processing skills to build on their creativity
  • Encourages determination and persistence to complete activities
  • Mostly solo play with occasional parental involvement


For further tips and guidelines for young people and technology please visit www.webwise.ie or www.cybersafeireland.org.