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A new Irish toy company making unique,
high quality, robot-shaped soft toys.

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Teddybots Soft Toys

Welcome to teddybots

Teddybots are the perfect companion. Our robot shaped soft toys are made with the finest materials making them cute, tactile and comforting. They have no flashing lights, strange noises or batteries that will fade. Teddybots are simply soft robots that live through the magic of your children’s imagination.  [Read more about us here]

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Teddybots toys and playtime

A little bit of news….

Virtual Reality

Painting in Virtual Reality

Delighted to be working with Dublin City Council at the Coder Dojo Coolest Projects event in the RDS tomorrow. There will be lots of creative tech on gaming, code, science and more. Teddybots will be there to demonstrate the creative Virtual reality painting app ‘ The Google Tilt brush’. It’s a pretty amazing App and it shows a great example of advances in VR and what kind of creative tools we will be using in the future. [Read more here]

Interactive Stories

Bots and the Bubble Universe

We are delighted to have started a little bit of work on the concepts for our new story featuring ‘The Astronaut and the Robot’. We follow our friends through multiple Universe and learn about arts, science, technology and nature.  Subscribe below for updates


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