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A new Irish toy company making unique,
high quality, robot-shaped soft toys.

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Teddybots Soft Toys

Adoptabot from teddybots

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Welcome to teddybots

We are a new Irish toy company that make unique, high quality, robot-shaped soft toys.



Can you Adoptabot?

Our toys embrace the digital age with their cute robot appearance, while also retaining the cute, tactile, and comforting elements of the traditional teddy bear. They have no flashing lights, strange noises or batteries that will fade. Teddybots are simply soft robots that live through the magic of your children’s imagination.

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Bots and the Bubble Universe

We are delighted to have started a little bit of work on the concepts for our new story featuring ‘The Astronaut and the Robot’. We follow our friends through multiple Universe and learn about arts, science, technology and nature.  Subscribe below for updates

Alien Green goes on a trip (part 1)


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